Over the past couple of years, the housing market – worldwide – has gone through some truly extraordinary times. And New Zealand has not been isolated by the extremes that have seen prices ricochet, interest rates rise by the month, builders plagued by supply chain issues, companies collapsing and now, post-pandemic, a sudden slow-down.

For the average person trying to get into the new housing market for the first time, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that now is actually a good time to build!

And it seems like everyone – from the CEO’s of building companies to your next-door-neighbour Joe – has an opinion on that.  At BuildtechNZ, we also “have our opinion” and it’s based firmly on our experience in the building and real estate industry over the past 27 years.  So, here’s a few ideas that may help you decide that building now is right for you…

1. Things are starting to settle down

And about time too!  It’s been a rollercoaster ride and the building industry has been stretched and stressed, bullied and battered by the cascading effects of COVID-19.  However, reputable companies such as BuildtechNZ – being forced to take stock of how we do, what we do – have weathered the storm and emerged from the chaos stronger and more efficient than ever before. During the pandemic, demand for new home construction hit some unprecedented highs – now, almost 3 years on, that demand is slowing, and many issues are being resolved.  With a gradual return to “what’s normal” (what’s normal?), New Zealand’s super-heated housing market is under less pressure and returning to a steadier, more manageable pace.

2. Less pressure, less demand

Up until very recently, people in the market for a new home build would find themselves at the end of a long queue.  With many Kiwis looking to build with dependable firms such as BuildtechNZ, demand has been unsustainable and the pressure on trades has been huge.  However, the “long queue” has begun to shorten, and it’s become easier to find top-quality tradespeople. At BuildtechNZ we are very particular about who we use to build our homes, so having access to a wider pool of skilled, well-qualified tradespeople is a huge bonus.  It makes sense to take advantage of this availability of high quality labour in the market to start the process of building your new BuildtechNZ dream home!

3. What supply chain issues?

You’ve no doubt heard about the “supply chain issues”, right?  The builders who have gone broke, unable to obtain materials and the nightmare of having homes on the books and angry, frustrated customers unable to move in etc. It’s been a real problem, but we can say with no small measure of pride, that BuildtechNZ has successfully managed supply issues through smart material management and scheduling. Market indicators show that the supply situation is edging towards normality and most industry experts believe pricing will become more competitive in 2023. Another good reason to build your dream BuildtechNZ home this year!

4. From the ground up

Literally and figuratively, while it’s a good time to get planning underway for your new home, it’s important to do the groundwork. Choosing the right company is the first step and a good reputation is everything. Shop around and choose a company such as BuildtechNZ who have built a solid reputation as a dependable builder who listens to their customers.

With the real estate industry starting to cool slightly from the previous couple of years, the pressure on new sections has started to ease.  This has led to a significant decrease in pandemic-high pricing; remember, even a small decrease in the purchase cost of your land counts! Taking the industry median 7.5% over a $300K section equates to a saving of $22,500!  What could you do with an extra $20K? At BuildtechNZ, will give you the freedom to choose as we listen carefully to your needs and wants and build the house that fits your budget and dreams.

So, start from the ground up – choose your builder wisely and start planning that new dream home.  With BuildtechNZ, anything is possible and now is the right time to turn your dreams into realities!

5. We make building enjoyable

Apart from all the economic and post-pandemic stuff, there’s just “something” about building a new home that is really special.  Creating something that starts with a blank piece of paper and finishes with a tangible “dream house” is a creative experience that should be enjoyable and deeply rewarding.  At BuildtechNZ, we start with your ideas and help you bring them to life, and with years of experience under our belts, we are perfectly positioned to guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect block of land to handing over the keys.

6. Have it your way

You can have it all, exactly the way you want it: the design, the layout, the décor, the fixtures and fittings!  Need an office but don’t want a third bathroom?  Fine!  Rather macrocarpa cladding over cedar? No problem!  Love the natural light from an all-glass gable end?   We’ve got you covered!  Build the way you want, within a budget you can afford, with a builder you can trust from the ground up. It makes sense any way you look at it and as the economy slows, prices cool and the building industry takes on a more quality focused, sustainable pace, NOW is the right time to build.

Give us a call at BuildtechNZ on 0800 25 38 24 and we’ll make your new home build the most enjoyable process on earth. Don’t just take our word for it either; for inspiration, head over to Case Studies – BuildtechNZ  and see what our customers have to say.