Your home built in 8 months GUARANTEED
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Construction on your custom home, started in 3 months

Costless Customization. Free plan design in-house

Price guaranteed by our Fixed Price Contract


Quail Avenue

‘’We used Buildtech NZ to build our new home. They delivered on everything they promised and on time and on budget. Would use them again tomorrow. Highly recommend this wonderful team’’

Nick W

 Bright Way 

“Buildtech were with me every step of the way with my house build. They helped me with my concerns and gave me the confidence to commit to the section purchase, helped me design the exact right place for me and my section and then delivered exactly what I asked for the price agreed and above the standard expected. They have such a positive problem-solving attitude. I would use them again in a heartbeat”

Julie L

Larlin Heights 

‘’Building a New House?

To avoid ‘botch up’s’

1. Choose Buildtech, who only engages top sub-contractors & uses materials from reputable suppliers

2. Buildtech listens to requests

3.  Buildtech has good follow-ups & has honest reports, so that you will be pleased with the results. Remember it is the finish that counts. My home is an obvious example”


BuildtechNZ is your team of experts who consider ‘constructing your dream’ to be the holy grail.

We pride ourselves on providing a home build package that many building companies fear to offer. A complete without-limits, bespoke build experience sealed with the certainty of a fixed price contract.

This means, by choosing BuildtechNZ, you can be sure we will work with you to design, customise and construct your home to your exact needs and wants while guaranteeing the price and working to meticulous build standards. Your satisfaction is our mission.

You dream, we deliver

We believe the only way we can be sure we are providing the ultimate home to our clients is by constantly delivering the following benefits:

  • Defining our clients budget as earlier as possible to ensure we are engineering as much value as realistically possible into each home
  • Giving our customers complete freedom when engaging with BuildtechNZ’s free plan design team 
  • Confirming maximum detail prior to contract signing to ensure zero cost overruns during the build while remaining open minded to client ideas while under construction
  • Providing a consistent, and efficient channel of communication between the client and our team during the build to keep clients updated at all times
  • Keeping in close contact with our chosen trades to ensure the highest build standards throughout the build process
  • Extra communication and diligence from BuildtechNZ during the home handover phase to ensure complete client satisfaction and enjoyment when moving into their own bespoke, luxurious new home

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    Our Values

    We Build on
    Our Experience

    We use, on a daily basis, our 65 years of combined building experience and our operating history of 27 years to continuously update our service, ensuring you receive the best possible experience from BuildtechNZ.

    We Trust
    Each Other

    Trust begins within. That’s why every individual within BuildtechNZ has complete trust their department and colleges meaning we as a company are able to build complete trust with you.

    Our Word
    is Our Bond

    Just look at our guarantees. Honesty and integrity are qualities easy to say, but we know to deliver them we need to do one thing. Guarantee .

    Some Hear
    We Listen

    BuildtechNZ abides by the famous quote of Stephen Covey. ‘Seek to understand before being understood’. Offering a bespoke home build experience to every client reinforces our commitment to understand your needs and wants.