Quail Avenue

‘’We used Buildtech NZ to build our new home. They delivered on everything they promised and on time and on budget. Would use them again tomorrow. Highly recommend this wonderful team’’

Nick W

 Bright Way 

“Buildtech were with me every step of the way with my house build. They helped me with my concerns and gave me the confidence to commit to the section purchase, helped me design the exact right place for me and my section and then delivered exactly what I asked for the price agreed and above the standard expected. They have such a positive problem-solving attitude. I would use them again in a heartbeat”

Julie L

Larlin Heights 

‘’Building a new house?

To To avoid botch-ups:

1. Choose Buildtech, who only engages top sub-contractors & uses materials from reputable suppliers

2. Buildtech listens to requests

3.  Buildtech has good follow-ups & has honest reports, so that you will be pleased with the results. Remember it is the finish that counts. My home is an obvious example.”



We are custom home builders! We guarantee your home will be tailored specifically to you unique set of needs and wants. We have an experienced team that have hands on experience in and understand the residential building industry.

We guarantee ZERO cost overruns on your project!
Contact us today to experience the Buildtech NZ journey.

Who are we?

Building custom homes is a 25-year strength of Buildtech NZ.

From the day the business was founded, we knew that to construct a custom home, and being entrusted with hundreds of thousands of dollars from a new customer meant we had to deliver real value and an outstanding build experience.

Our Values

We build on
our experience
We trust
each other
Our word
is our bond
Some hear,
We listen

Custom Home Builder FAQs

How to choose a home builder

Choosing the appropriate custom home builders for your property is an important decision. The company you select will manage your house plan & designs, and turn your dream home into a reality. Hence, there are many factors to consider before choosing a home builder, including:

  • Price and budget
  • Reputation
  • Location
  • Experience with custom-made home designs

Buildtech NZ offers high-quality, bespoke solutions for custom-built homes. We create detailed plans for clients looking to develop an architectural home with character. Our team of custom home builders offer personalised free plans while guaranteeing transparent communication.

What to ask a home builder

Before building your home, you must gather as much information as possible. This requires asking your home builder various questions about the potential house plan & designs.

Some useful questions to ask any custom home builders include:

  • How much can I customise my home?
  • What features are included in the design?
  • What are the different steps in your process?
  • Can you show me some photos of homes that fit my desired style?

You may have a range of other questions you want answered. Ensure your home builder can successfully answer all relevant questions before starting the process. 

What do home builders do?

A home builder will oversee the entire project from idea to completed project. We’ll need to manage the contractors working on the project and coordinate tasks to ensure your custom-made home design comes to life. This includes paying attention to minute details and simplifying the complicated building systems.

We’ll be involved in the entire construction process, from end to end, to make sure the house is made according to the plans created.

What makes a good home builder?

A good home builder understands the needs of the client. At Buildtech NZ, we offer custom-built homes to showcase the very best in modern architecture and design. Our company relies on our strong network of reliable contractors and tradies.

At Buildtech NZ, we will make sure your home is finished to the highest standard – and that it reflects your personality! We offer free plans and zero-cost overruns, so you’ll receive exactly what you’re after. Talk to our team today to learn more about customising your home and working with our custom home builders.

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