Construction Outlook 2024

Builder on the tools with tool belt.

1) Slower Growth in Construction Costs

The construction industry is experiencing a slowdown in cost increases, with the rate of growth at its lowest point in seven years. In the fourth quarter of 2023, construction costs rose by 0.8%, slightly higher than the previous quarters but still below the long-term average.

2) Cooling Residential Building Sector

The residential building sector is cooling, contributing to the deceleration in construction costs. The industry is facing less pressure on overall capacity compared to the peak at the end of 2022, suggesting a more balanced market.

3) Material Supply Chain Dynamics

Material supply chains are easing, with stabilising timber prices and even modest falls for metal products. This could positively impact construction projects, as the availability and affordability of materials are crucial factors in cost management.

4) Industry Pressure Reduction

The industry is currently experiencing less pressure, and builders are not as over-stretched as they were at the end of 2022. This suggests a more manageable workload for construction professionals, potentially leading to improved project timelines and quality.

5) Potential Impact of Net Migration

The surge in net migration may help restrain the pace of wage growth in the construction sector. This could be a factor in controlling overall cost growth, as salaries constitute a significant portion of the total cost of a new build.

6) New Dwelling Consents and Future Supply

The decline in new dwelling consents suggests a softer phase of activity that could persist. However, demand incentives, such as lower deposit requirements for new-build properties, could encourage developers to continue bringing forward new projects. Increasing housing supply is seen as essential for controlling housing affordability in the long run.

BuildtechNZ & fortyone Architecture Partnership

BuildtechNZ is a bespoke architectural construction firm that challenges the status quo. With over 25 years of experience, we integrate market-leading architectural design, advanced construction management, and cutting-edge communication methods to produce seamless, high-quality build experiences that result in beautiful, functional, and iconic living spaces.

We are now partnered with award-winning fortyone Architecture, and we offer our services to clients all over Taranaki, Manawatu-Whangauni, Horowhenua, Kapiti Coast, Hawke’s Bay, and Waikato.

Our new bespoke home design studio is now open in New Plymouth. Find us on the corner of Elliot and Molesworth Street, across the road from Freedom Furniture. Our passionate team of local architects, new home consultants, quantity surveyors, and project managers are ready to bring your new home dreams to life.

Architectural House rendered by fortyone Architecture for BuildtechNZ

fortyone Architecture – The design partner of BuildtechNZ

Partner with BuildtechNZ and fortyone Architecture to create a custom-designed home that reflects your personal style, meets your needs, and increases your property value.

Our team of architects and construction experts will work with you to create a home that is unique, efficient, and sustainable.

Benefits of custom-designed architecture:

  • Personalisation: Create a home that reflects your style and needs.
  • Functionality: Optimize passive principles, incorporate sustainable materials, and have excellent insulation and airtightness.
  • Value: A distinct and well-designed home is likely to attract attention in the market and command a higher price.
Architectural render by fortyone Architecture for BuildtechNZ

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create your dream home.

BuildtechNZ and fortyone Architecture: The perfect partnership for custom home design and construction.

We combine the expertise of architects with the effectiveness of a comprehensive construction management provider to deliver seamless, effortless, and engaging building journeys.

Our team of professionals will work with you to explore, brainstorm, and develop your unique custom design.

We ensure design and budget alignment, project feasibility and constructability, and provide you with the support you need to bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build your dream home.

BuildtechNZ and fortyone Architecture: The perfect solution for bespoke design and build in Taranaki & Manawatu.

Our team of architects, interior designers, and construction experts will work collaboratively with you to design and build a home that is unquestionably yours, crafted to perfection and designed for life.

We offer a unique partnership between an architect and a construction provider, which means we can deliver seamless, effortless, and engaging building journeys.

We invite you to come along for a guided tour at one of our recently completed homes in New Plymouth, Hawera, Levin, Feilding, Havelock North, or Hastings.

BuildtechNZ and fortyone Architecture – In Action

Blair and Kim are experiencing first-hand the seamless build and design journey from BuildtechNZ and fortyone Architecture.

“Buildtech has been simply wonderful. It’s like being in a team and the cheerleaders really do want you to do well. Building costs have skyrocketed and they have helped us navigate this. They have given us choices with the pros and cons so we can cut back in some places without compromising quality.

I have never had a Stephanie before, on a build. My design lady. She knows her stuff and finds just about anything I ask for. It’s like she is inside my head, she will give me 10 samples but already knows what I will pick. Unfortunately, what I want is often expensive, but we then work to find something that fits the budget.

I” am very aware of the team behind the planning, but Beau is my person that keeps all the balls in the air. Nothing has been too much trouble. He has constantly checked up on us, making sure we are happy, understanding what is going on and making sure we are not getting overwhelmed.”

We have built 3 times now and it’s been an emotional struggle and it feels like a full-time job. At this point we are usually wondering why we are doing it again and not looking forward to the build starting – this time, we can’t wait. Everything Buildtech say they will do on their website is exactly what they deliver and much more.

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Energy Efficiency H1 Update

Understanding Energy Efficiency (H1) Requirements

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) has updated the Energy Efficiency (H1) requirements for insulating new homes and commercial buildings in the NZ Building Code. The purpose is to reduce energy needed to heat new buildings by up to 40% and help make them warmer, drier & healthier, with less impact on the environment with significant changes taking place firstly in November 2022 and a further set of requirements beginning from May 2023.

The H1 Clause of the Building Code regulates the energy efficiency of the built environment – covering wall, floor and ceiling insulation, as well as the thermal performance of windows and doors. There are major increases in thermal performance requirements across the building envelope, indicated through higher construction R-values for different building elements.

New Climate Zone

With a focus on energy efficiency, these H1 updates are explained by the introduction of additional climate zones. This will allow the insulation requirements to better reflect the different temperatures experienced through the different regions within NZ:

New housing and building under 300m2 insulation requirements

The new housing and small building insulation requirements are the same. The only difference between them is the transition date for the new final values to come into effect.

For ‘Buildings under 300m2’, the new requirements came into effect on 3 November 2022. For housing, the new requirements were pushed back for six months, meaning they come into effect on 1 May 2023.

The only exception is category is ‘windows and doors’, which retained its original two-stage implementation – with the first on 3 November 2022 and the second on 2 November 2023.

The 5th editions of H1/AS1 and H1/VM1 include new methodologies for establishing the thermal resistance of windows, doors, skylights, curtain walling and slab-on-ground floors. From 3 November 2022, only the new methodologies can be used (with the exception of slab-on-ground floors).

However, until 1 May 2023, building consents for ‘Housing’ can use the “old” minimum construction R-values for roofs, walls and floors – those in the 4th editions of H1/AS1 and H1/VM1.

Below is an overview of the minimum R-values for each building element for housing in H1/AS1 and H1/VM1:

Minimum R-values for each building element for housing in H1/AS1 and H1/VM1

OptionsClimate Zone
Current minimum requirementsR2.9R2.9/3.3R3.3
1 May 2023R6.6
Current minimum requirementsR1.9R1.9/2.0R2.0
1 May 2023R2.0
Current minimum requirementsR1.3
Slab-on-ground floors 1 May 2023R1.5R1.5R1.5R1.5R1.6R1.5
Other floors 1 May 2023R2.5R2.8R3.0
Windows & Doors
Previous minimum requirementsR0.26
3 November 2022R0.37R0.37R0.37
1 May 2023R0.37R0.46R0.50
2 November 2023R0.46R0.46R0.50

It’s important to note that meeting these R-values is based on using the Schedule Method for compliance. See more on the Schedule method and when it can be used HERE. When using the Calculation or Modelling method, individual construction element R-values may be higher or lower depending on several variables.

Buildings more than 300m2

The new requirements for large buildings aim to reduce the emissions and energy used when heating and cooling a larger building by 23% on average over previous minimum status quo requirements.

This overview of changes applies to ‘Buildings greater than 300m2’, including but not limited to buildings classified as offices, retail, schools, hotels, restaurants, etc. The specified area – greater than 300m2 – is based on the occupied space of the building.

These changes only affect new construction or existing properties undergoing changes to the external thermal envelope, which will require a building consent.

Industrial buildings are not currently required to be energy efficient so sit outside the scope of this work. However, if there was an office within a warehouse, or an industrial building, that office would have to comply with the updated requirements.

What’s changed?

MBIE changed the roof, window, wall and underfloor insulation requirements for buildings larger than 300m2. These changes are outlined in the table below.

Increases in minimum R-values for large buildings

OptionsClimate Zone


Bunnings Warehouse
Building Performance

Further reading:


Extraordinary on Ohangai Rd

Welcome to this beautiful family home on Ohangai Rd, Hawera.

Showcasing four generously sized bedrooms, two luxurious ensuites, a separate bathroom, and an inviting open-plan living area, perfect for creating cherished memories with your loved ones. And let’s not forget the double garage with internal access, ensuring plenty of space for your vehicles and storage needs.

This home truly embodies elegance and sophistication, boasting a stunning designer kitchen, meticulously tiled bathrooms, and opulent finishes throughout. It’s a home that will stand the test of time and offer a lifetime of comfort and joy.

  • 4
  • 3
  • 2
  • 258m2
Download Floor Plan Download eBook
Designer Kitchen, Ohangai Rd in Hawera - Built by BuildtechNZ.

Picturesque & Sun Drenched with Stunning Mountain Views

This architecturally designed bespoke family home, has every detail carefully considered and crafted to make a bold statement. As you approach the entrance, you’ll be struck by the stunning DesignaSchist beams, perfectly complementing the beautiful brick veneer and natural BSC Duragroove cladding.

And it doesn’t end there – the roof features sleek Long Run Corrugated Coloursteel, offering a modern high end finish. This home truly exemplifies the perfect fusion of style and functionality, delivering a harmonious living experience that’s both luxurious and practical.

Exposed timber framing in the outdoor courtyard offers endless options for entertaining all year round and as a play space for littlies.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us to start your building journey today.

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Pay 0% Interest on your New Home Build

Introducing a very limited time offer from BuildtechNZ – 0% interest on your new home build loan!

That’s right, pay zero interest on your loan while we take care of paying the interest during the construction of your new home. This means you can save thousands of dollars in interest payments and spend that money on something you really care about – like that luxurious spa or outdoor cinema you’ve been dreaming of.

With this incredible offer, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t be weighed down by hefty interest payments during the building process. Instead, you can focus on making your dream home a reality and start thinking about the new kitchen with so much space.

So why wait? This limited time offer won’t be around forever, so act now to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Contact BuildtechNZ today to learn more about how you can pay 0% interest on your new home build loan and start building your dream home today!

Terms and Conditions Apply.

Get in touch with our friendly team to get started and to find out more.

Call us 0800 253 824
or fill out the form below:

Terms & Conditions.

  • The Interest Free Offer is available for anyone who signs a building contract with BuildtechNZ Limited between March 16th and June 30th, 2023.
  • The offer only applies to the interest-only portion of the loan used to pay BuildtechNZ invoices as construction progresses.
  • The offer is limited to the total loan value of the BuildtechNZ contract.
  • The client must provide a monthly statement of the interest amount, and BuildtechNZ will pay the bank directly.
  • The offer only applies to the loan value related to the contractual signed home build with BuildtechNZ.
  • The offer applies from the start of construction until a certificate of Practical Completion is issued by BuildtechNZ.
  • The offer is based on the estimated expected construction time frame noted in the contract, but excludes any delays due to natural disasters, medical shutdowns, recognized nationwide material shortages, or owner responsibilities related to construction time frames.
  • The interest rate is based on the going rate at the start of construction.
  • If the interest rate increases after construction begins, the client is responsible for paying the difference.
  • The offer only applies to loan values under 1 million dollars, and loan values exceeding 1 million will be considered on an individual basis.
  • BuildtechNZ reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice.

Correct as at 16th March 2023.

Is now the right time to build a house?

Over the past couple of years, the housing market – worldwide – has gone through some truly extraordinary times. And New Zealand has not been isolated by the extremes that have seen prices ricochet, interest rates rise by the month, builders plagued by supply chain issues, companies collapsing and now, post-pandemic, a sudden slow-down.

For the average person trying to get into the new housing market for the first time, it may seem counterintuitive to suggest that now is actually a good time to build!

And it seems like everyone – from the CEO’s of building companies to your next-door-neighbour Joe – has an opinion on that.  At BuildtechNZ, we also “have our opinion” and it’s based firmly on our experience in the building and real estate industry over the past 27 years.  So, here’s a few ideas that may help you decide that building now is right for you…

1. Things are starting to settle down

And about time too!  It’s been a rollercoaster ride and the building industry has been stretched and stressed, bullied and battered by the cascading effects of COVID-19.  However, reputable companies such as BuildtechNZ – being forced to take stock of how we do, what we do – have weathered the storm and emerged from the chaos stronger and more efficient than ever before. During the pandemic, demand for new home construction hit some unprecedented highs – now, almost 3 years on, that demand is slowing, and many issues are being resolved.  With a gradual return to “what’s normal” (what’s normal?), New Zealand’s super-heated housing market is under less pressure and returning to a steadier, more manageable pace.

2. Less pressure, less demand

Up until very recently, people in the market for a new home build would find themselves at the end of a long queue.  With many Kiwis looking to build with dependable firms such as BuildtechNZ, demand has been unsustainable and the pressure on trades has been huge.  However, the “long queue” has begun to shorten, and it’s become easier to find top-quality tradespeople. At BuildtechNZ we are very particular about who we use to build our homes, so having access to a wider pool of skilled, well-qualified tradespeople is a huge bonus.  It makes sense to take advantage of this availability of high quality labour in the market to start the process of building your new BuildtechNZ dream home!

3. What supply chain issues?

You’ve no doubt heard about the “supply chain issues”, right?  The builders who have gone broke, unable to obtain materials and the nightmare of having homes on the books and angry, frustrated customers unable to move in etc. It’s been a real problem, but we can say with no small measure of pride, that BuildtechNZ has successfully managed supply issues through smart material management and scheduling. Market indicators show that the supply situation is edging towards normality and most industry experts believe pricing will become more competitive in 2023. Another good reason to build your dream BuildtechNZ home this year!

4. From the ground up

Literally and figuratively, while it’s a good time to get planning underway for your new home, it’s important to do the groundwork. Choosing the right company is the first step and a good reputation is everything. Shop around and choose a company such as BuildtechNZ who have built a solid reputation as a dependable builder who listens to their customers.

With the real estate industry starting to cool slightly from the previous couple of years, the pressure on new sections has started to ease.  This has led to a significant decrease in pandemic-high pricing; remember, even a small decrease in the purchase cost of your land counts! Taking the industry median 7.5% over a $300K section equates to a saving of $22,500!  What could you do with an extra $20K? At BuildtechNZ, will give you the freedom to choose as we listen carefully to your needs and wants and build the house that fits your budget and dreams.

So, start from the ground up – choose your builder wisely and start planning that new dream home.  With BuildtechNZ, anything is possible and now is the right time to turn your dreams into realities!

5. We make building enjoyable

Apart from all the economic and post-pandemic stuff, there’s just “something” about building a new home that is really special.  Creating something that starts with a blank piece of paper and finishes with a tangible “dream house” is a creative experience that should be enjoyable and deeply rewarding.  At BuildtechNZ, we start with your ideas and help you bring them to life, and with years of experience under our belts, we are perfectly positioned to guide you through the entire process, from selecting the perfect block of land to handing over the keys.

6. Have it your way

You can have it all, exactly the way you want it: the design, the layout, the décor, the fixtures and fittings!  Need an office but don’t want a third bathroom?  Fine!  Rather macrocarpa cladding over cedar? No problem!  Love the natural light from an all-glass gable end?   We’ve got you covered!  Build the way you want, within a budget you can afford, with a builder you can trust from the ground up. It makes sense any way you look at it and as the economy slows, prices cool and the building industry takes on a more quality focused, sustainable pace, NOW is the right time to build.

Give us a call at BuildtechNZ on 0800 25 38 24 and we’ll make your new home build the most enjoyable process on earth. Don’t just take our word for it either; for inspiration, head over to Case Studies – BuildtechNZ  and see what our customers have to say.

All new for 2023!

Located in a new subdivision of Welcome Way, the Matterhorn from BuildtechNZ is everything that you are looking for in a home!  Situated on a fully-serviced 1169 sqm section with a semi-rural aspect, this lovely modern home is within the town boundary and close to all the city amenities.

Hawera House & Land Package

Step on up and be impressed!  From the delightful, stained timber gables to the smooth plaster finish, the Matterhorn is a unique design that combines clean modern lines with classic features, creating an inviting, homely façade.  The 30° pitched, longrun roofing wrapped in continuous spouting and matching downpipes blends perfectly with the tinted double-glazed windows – adding aesthetic appeal to passive solar excellence.

The spacious grand entry, complete with schist pillars and a feature gable define the elegant walkway to the front door. Planters on either side of the walkway add a lovely spot of green and that special, BuildtechNZ finishing touch.

Welcome home!  Now it’s time to see the other awesome features the Matterhorn boasts.  Upon entering the home, a feature wall in the tiled entry creates a natural division between the living areas to the left and bedroom areas to the right.


Need living space?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  The Matterhorn features an expansive, open-plan living area. that leads through to the kitchen and outdoors.  With raked ceilings and windows “forever”, relaxing in the huge living/dining/family room just got a whole lot more comfortable! From the living room, you can watch the family chef at work or move outdoors to the delightful entertaining area.

And whipping up a gourmet meal or a simple snack will be a pleasure for the cook in your new kitchen.  Boasting engineered stone bench tops and all the inclusions you would expect from a quality BuildtechNZ home, the kitchen also includes a fully fitted scullery, with an inset sink and ample storage above and below the benches.  Friends and family looking forward to your latest culinary delights?  No problem!  A sliding window from the kitchen to the outdoors makes serving a breeze!


At home in the new Matterhorn, the bedrooms are just as comfortable and well-proportioned as the living areas.  The spacious master suite has a generously sized ensuite bathroom, a walk-in robe and access to the outdoors via a sliding door.  The ensuite is well-appointed and fitted out with quality fixtures.  The three family bedrooms are all double-size and feature built-in robes. 

The family bathroom is well-proportioned and nicely finished with the quality tiles and fixtures you could expect from a BuildtechNZ home. The sleek white toilet suite and chic back-to-wall bath add class and style, whilst the glass-panelled shower is both practical and elegant. For added ease of family use, there’s an extra single toilet and hand basin across the hallway.

And we’re not finished yet! 

In addition to all that, there’s also an office built for two – perfect for those who work from home or families who need some extra space for kids with homework. Add not one, but two storage cupboards in the hallway and you have a home with some very impressive specs!

Of course, we haven’t forgotten that families need clean clothes!  The Matterhorn from BuildtechNZ includes a laundry fitted out to a high standard, with a tub, engineered stone bench and space for a front-loading washer and dryer.  An external door gives easy access to the outside clothesline and this part of the house also includes a separate WC, ideal for a family home. 

And for the things that don’t belong in the house – the attached double car garage is fitted with a commercial carpet for added luxury and comfort.

As we said – this home has it all!

Interested? Give us a call – 0800 25 38 24 or email

Summer Promo – $10,000 for you?

At BuildtechNZ, we are passionate about building homes that our customers love – but more than that – we strive to create lasting partnerships between our company and our clients.  We pride ourselves on taking people’s dreams and turning them into realities, whether it’s a first home for a young couple just getting started or a lovely “forever” home for a family, an inheritance for years to come. 

It’s been a tough couple of years for everyone, but we have great news for people who are in the market for a new home.  And not just any new home – A BuildtechNZ home – built with love and attention to the smallest detail! Our best ever Summer Promo is about to kick off! 

Simply sign up to build your new home during December 2022 through to February 2023 and one of these amazing luxury $10,000 bonuses, is going to be yours, completely free of charge:

1. Trendz ‘Mini Burton’ Outdoor Fireplace

The Trendz “Mini Burton” outdoor fireplace gives a contemporary finish to any outdoor space.  Ideal for almost any exterior living area, the Mini Burton is stylish, functional and well – super trendy! Add some pizazz to your piazza and keep your family and guests cozy during the colder months – at no cost!  Fully installed and ready to warm up the homecoming fiesta at your new BuildtechNZ home!

2. Vortex Fisher 5D Spa

If keeping cozy and warm with an outdoor fireplace isn’t your thing – don’t worry – we have you covered!  Choose a Vortex Fisher 5D Spa and enjoy a 5-star “hotel-at-home” experience all year round – and it’s on us.  Vortex Fisher Spas are some of the best available: with 40 spa jets, twin loungers and shiatsu massage seats, the quality of these spas is unmatched and will be a wonderful addition to your new BuildtechNZ home!

3. Klipsch/Polk Complete Home Speaker System

If listening to music is more to your taste, simply sign up for your new BuildtechNZ home before the end of February 2023 and enjoy the best sound system that money can buy – completely free!  With over 50 years of experience, Klipsch and Polk manufacture superb sound equipment and BuildtechNZ brings you surround sound – $10,000 worth – fully installed and ready to rock your world!

So – what’s stopping you?  Don’t know where to start?  Just got a few ideas on the back of a napkin? Not sure if building is right for you?  No problem!  Call BuildtechNZ today on 0800 25 38 24 and talk to one of our building specialists.  

From the day our business was founded more than 20 years ago, we knew that being entrusted with YOUR money meant we needed to deliver outstanding value and excellent service – it’s the same today and we look forward to working with you to bring YOUR dream home to life! Oh – and of course – that luxury bonus? – it’s yours – free of charge with every new build signed up between December 2022 through February 2023!

Don’t stop there, our Summer Promo won’t last for ever! …

Talk to us! 0800 25 38 24

Terms & Conditions apply.

Meet Brett!

Meet Brett! We wanted to find out more about Brett, so we asked him a few questions:

Brett, what is your job role?
Project Manager

Briefly outline what that looks like in the day-to-day:
Having a burning desire to keep the ball rolling on all projects with a passion to produce happy customers. Organising all trades and materials and keeping a close grip on projects so the customer can sit back, relax and watch their dreams come alive.

How long have you been at BuildtechNZ?
3 months

Which of our core values drives you, daily?
We build on our experience

It’s energizing being part of a team who constantly collaborate to discuss, debrief and celebrate. Besides that there is a keenness among all to improve and learn, which in turn means Buildtech is a company that is always striving to go from good, to better, to best.

If you could travel to visit another country tomorrow, where would you go?

Name one fun fact about yourself that your team may not know:
Getting into the kitchen and cooking up a storm for the family.

Name one thing that you eat/drink every day without fail (almost):
Salt & Vinegar Chips

BuildtechNZ Ltd. Big enough to trust; small enough to care.

It’s a promise!

BuildtechNZ are committed to building the house of your dreams and creating a harmonious experience for you. We want your build experience to be something you look forward to and fondly remember.

We, along with all building companies nationwide, are faced with issues of supply. Stock shortages and material lead-times are currently on a scale the building industry has never experienced before.

But here lies the difference. At BuildtechNZ, we’ve faced the issues head-on and implemented a companywide strategy to combat these shortages and ensuing delays.

  • We’ve cemented meaningful relationships with trusted NZ suppliers gaining a position as a priority customer.
  • We’ve refined our internal ordering process, and allocated additional resource, enabling us to forecast with extreme precision.

And the result of this serious devotion? the guaranteed delivery of your dream.

To top it off, we are still offering to all clients, our fixed price contract.

Our fixed price contract is our committal to you of zero cost overruns. All hidden costs are obliterated and what our contract states, is what you pay. That’s it.

Your BuildtechNZ Experience

Your housebuilding experience is to be an enjoyable one. We’ve built a clear step-by-step process outlining your customer journey and what you can expect when. We’re with you every step of the way.

We don’t just build houses; we build relationships, and we build your inheritance.

BuildtechNZ Ltd. Big enough to trust; small enough to care.