Building Process

1. Choosing a Section

Location is important. After all, it is where you relax at the end of each day. Our Plans will fit your section. Just ask.

2. Creating the Home Footprint

Exciting! From plans to floor. Frames are on the way.

3. Framework

Look at those walls go up!  Within two days you can walk though the rooms, feeling the spaces.

4. Your Home Takes Shape

Trusses on. Now you can see the rooflines, window spaces. Happening so fast!

5. Roof and Windows

That roof you chose is on, windows are in, and all wrapped up. Looking so good.

6. Exterior Cladding

Nearly locked up. Brick, plaster, or board, your choice is getting installed.

7. Insulation

Feeling cosy? This home will never be damp or cold.

8. Wall Linings

Linings on, and plastered ready for the painter.

9. Skirting, Gib Cove and Doors

Looking like a home. Finishing’s go in.

10. Painting

Mask up, & spray out. Those interior colours you chose go on the walls and ceiling

11. Kitchen Install

Kitchen goes in. Appliances are fitted. Coming together.

12. Flooring

Carpet or Plank goes down. Man that looks fantastic! Nearly there.

13. Tiling

Wet floor tiling is done. Now the plumbing fittings are installed, and the power goes on!          

14. Move In Day

Its all yours! That plan you chose, the style's you selected, is now for real. You Trusted Buildtech (NZ) Ltd, That’s why.

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